e-Referendum System

We are building an electronic voting system that satisfies the legal requirements of legislators in EU.

Distributed ledger technologies is an exciting technological advancement in the information technology world.


Organising a vote requires a substantial organisational effort in order to fully ensure the correct performance and outcome of the process. These stringent security requirements often make it impractical to carry out voting initiatives on social media platforms. Our solution allows for an online process with the same guarantees of a public election.

How its work

The fundamental idea of our solution is to match a Blockchain transaction to a vote cast by an elector in support of the candidate selected by the voter. Every vote therefore benefits from the characteristics of a Blockchain transaction, namely: It is non-modifiable; It is non-repudiable; It cannot be registered in multiple ways; All nodes possess a valid copy.

Imagine an online system where it is possible to vote using a computer, tablet, mobile phone or a multimedia totem without the need for voters to physically access the polling station, yet offering the same or better guarantees compared to a public election.